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"To be a result driven, technology oriented, regional holding company.

We will focus on satisfying customer needs and maximizing employee potential thereby excelling in profitability whilst meeting our social responsibilities"

Our Future Business Direction

In keeping with our vision of becoming a "regional holding company" and given the opportunities that exist within the rapidly developing economies of the Asian region, we believe that our horizons in all our core businesses should extend to South Asia and South East Asia. As such, while Sri Lanka remains our home base, our strategic plan takes into account the need to mobilise resources and develop core competencies that can make all our businesses regionally competitive over time. The challenges we have to contend with in pursuing such a strategy are numerous, since the competitive and regulatory environments and market entry barriers we will have to face are enormous. Nevertheless, we strongly believe that the opportunities presented by the developing economies in Asia are too attractive to be overlooked and that any well-managed Sri Lankan company should eventually look at integrating itself with the growth trends sweeping the Asian landscape.

We have also realised that the kind of expansion we have planned for the Group cannot take place solely through our own effort. Strategic alliances, joint ventures and other collaborative arrangements that will introduce both the financial resources and the technical and management competencies required for expansion will be continuously explored. Locally, we will seek to stretch further our existing resource base and expertise in order to expedite the growth rate of some of our locally focused sectors.