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Our History
Carson arrives in Ceylon.   1857
The Company obtains the Agency of London Assurance.   1861
Sabonadiere and Company declares bankruptcy with the decline of the coffee industry. H. Cumberbatch resurrects the interests of the Company under the name Cumberbatch & Company, which goes on to become one of the most recognised estate agency houses in the Island.   1884
Carson & Company acquires the agencies for the Nippon Yusen and the White Star Line of steamers.   1897
The Grand Central Ceylon Rubber Estates belonging to Carson & Company is floated on the London Stock Exchange with an authorised capital of 1.5 million sterling pounds, making it the largest rubber concern in Sri Lanka.   1910
The merger between Carson & Company Limited and Cumberbatch & Company, results in the name of the Company being changed to Carson Cumberbatch PLC (CCCL).   1947
Carsons made a strategic decision to shift from rubber plantations to oil palm cultivation in Malaysia   1969
CCCL moves into a new office complex at Vauxhall Lane, Colombo 2.   1972
The Government commences the nationalisation of estates, and CCCL’s office complex and a section of its stores at Vauxhall Lane are acquired. CCCL moves back to the Australia Building in York Street, Fort.   1976
Sri Krishna Corporation Limited, a 75 year old company, which is a leading manufacturing and exporting house in Sri Lanka, acquires a controlling interest in Carson Cumberbatch PLC.   1988
CCCL enters into a joint venture with Unit Trust of India, Bank of Ceylon and HSBC Asset Management Company to set up one of Sri Lanka's pioneering fund management companies.   1991
Carsons Management Services (Private) Limited is established to provide management services to all the companies of the Group.   1993
Carsons expands its interest in oil palm plantations - the Indonesian Plantation project under P.T. Agro Indomas commences, increasing the overseas oil palm plantations area under cultivation from 1,800 hectares to 18,000 hectares.   1998
The first mill commenced operations in PT Agro Indomas to process palm fruits to crude palm oil with a milling capacity of 297,000MT per annum.   2000
Goodhope Asia Holdings Ltd was incorporated in Singapore as the holding company of the plantations sector to consolidate and regionalize the sector's asset base.   2008
Goodhope acquires three processing plants with operations in Malaysia and India that specializes in refining and specialist fats manufacturing of palm oil products, and thereby moves to globalize its business through value chain integration, evolving into the plantations, oils and fats sector.   2011
1860   Carson opens his first office in Baillie Street in Colombo to import cotton goods.
1881   H. Cumberbatch, a coffee planter, joins Sabonadiere and Company, an organisation that was foremost among the estate agencies of that period and dealt with the produce of 113 plantations.
1891   Carson & Company obtains the agency in Ceylon for the Bibby Line of Steamers.
1902   Carson & Company moves to Australia Building in York Street, Fort.
1913   Carson & Company is converted into a limited liability company.
1963   Leechman & Company Limited, which was incorporated in 1953, becomes a subsidiary of CCCL.
1976   CCCL diversifies into hotels, real estate and investments. The Group builds two hotels - Giritale Hotel and Moonlight Beach Hotel and takes over the management of Pegasus Reef Hotel.
1986   CCCL constructs its own office premises at 67, Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo 7.
1990   CCCL demolishes the building occupied by the Company’s airline and travel sectors on Janadhipathi Mawatha to build a new office complex, Equity Two.
1992   CCCL secures the management contract for Elpitiya Plantations, which the Company had managed until privatisation.
1995   Carsons expands its interest in oil palm plantations into Indonesia. A plantation project under PT Agro Indomas commences in Central Kalimantan, increasing the overseas oil palm plantations land bank from 1,800 hectares to 18,000 hectares
1997   1997 A state-of-the-art brewery at Biyagama is commissioned, which will more than double the Group’s brewing capacity.

CCCL takes over the management of three investment holding companies - the Ceylon Guardian Investment Trust Limited, the Ceylon Investment Trust Limited and the Rubber Investment Trust Limited
1999   The Group divests its stake in Moonlight Beach Hotel.
2006   Sale of Bukit Darah oil palm estate in Malaysia in order to re-invest funds in Indonesia to acquire a new plantation project of 20,000 hectares under PT Agro Bukit in Central Kalimantan.
  • A Kernel Crushing Plant was commissioned in PT Agro Bukit with a crushing capacity of 108,000MT per annum

  • Commissioned a Bulking Station in Bagendang Port in Sampit, Indonesia with a storage capacity of 10,500MT
2014   Acquisition of Millers Brewery