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Staff Welfare

We are committed to the highest standards of health and safety across all areas of the business and, in this respect, an organisation-wide strategy for health and safety management has been implemented. This strategy applies to all people in the organisation and extends to cover individuals and organisations undertaking work on our behalf. Processes and systems are in place to prevent any accidents and occupational hazards and to safeguard the health and safety of staff. These activities are monitored and audited regularly. Some of the steps taken to preserve employee safety are:

  • Erecting precautionary signs in necessary places
  • Distribution of protective gear for the mill and stores staff
  • Training on fire fighting and equipment inspection

Further, processes have been implemented to safeguard the health of plantation staff who engage in activities relating to pesticides and chemical application. Hazards chemical management training has been given to storekeepers while the storage amenities are improved with safety signs, absorption tanks, better ventilation, washing facilities, protective gear, etc.

In Indonesia, our plantation workforce and their families are provided with welfare measures
such as:

  • Modern housing with adequate supplies of clean water, electricity and sanitation facilities, along with basic amenities for all staff to uplift their quality of life
  • Skilled nursing staff, fully equipped hospital, emergency facilities, and a resident doctor for the plantation hospital and immunisation clinics
  • Trained teaching staff in the school and day care centre
  • Assistance to two village primary schools attended by the children of the plantation employees
  • A co-operative scheme to purchase the daily produce of plantation staff at reasonable prices, enhancing their disposable income