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Developing Leaders

Carsons is involved in building leadership skills among university undergraduates through workshops and seminars organised by our Human Resources Division. Partnership with AIESEC (an Association of Students Interested in Economics & Commerce), career guidance sessions and mentoring programmes conducted for a cross-section of local universities are just a small effort on our part towards developing the future generation of leaders of Sri Lanka.

Community Development & Support

The Lion Brewery annually donates schoolbooks to over one thousand deserving students living in the vicinity of the Brewery - their total year's requirement. In addition, a scholarship programme is in place for three students selected each year from the same community, based on their Ordinary Level results. The scholarship continues for the respective children selected to university until they graduate, when finally a lump sum is gifted. Further, the Brewery sponsors computer training courses for the village children and maintains, at its cost, the premises of important places of worship and cemeteries in the vicinity of the brewery.
At our plantation in Indonesia, we recognise that the fortunes of the village community and that of the plantation are closely linked. As much as the community depends on our plantation for their livelihood, we too depend on the community and, as such, we believe in uplifting the quality of life of the community.

We outsource most of our contract work, casual labour requirements, transportation and security service needs to the surrounding villages and ensure that any land claims put forward by the community are handled speedily and in a transparent manner. Further, medical and educational assistance is provided to the community.

Environment Consciousness

At the Lion Brewery, prior to discharge to the waterways, effluent water from the factory is channeled through a state-of-the-art treatment plant where it is processed without creating air pollution, to levels higher than the minimum requirement, according to parameters set out by the authorities.

We have recognised that the welfare of the community goes beyond people, to protecting nature and the environment in and around our plantation. Our comprehensive environmental protection plan ensures that we make a conscious effort to preserve the natural surroundings and bio-diversity within our estates. The key areas addressed by the environmental protection plan are land reservation, careful use of chemicals and fertiliser and protection of the river that runs through the plantation, which is a source of drinking water for the village.